Who we are. And why we do it.

Dear Friends & Fans,

Putting the finishing touches on the new shop.

That’s right, Threads of Mackinac has officially relocated to 7295 Main Street!

When we officially opened Threads of Mackinac on Astor Street in 2019, we had dreams of someday being part of the action and energy of Main Street. It’s just one of the facets that makes Mackinac Island such a memorable, magical destination. At Threads we’ve always aimed to capture the ephemeral spirit of the island, weaving inspiration with quality threads. At the end of the day, it’s the stories and memories that we make together that matter more than the clothes on our back. We created Threads because in a sea of so many ‘things’ you can buy, we wanted to create a space for original and inspired design that speaks to something bigger. We strive to be a store that represents the spirit of Mackinac Island; to celebrate all the experiences that can’t be sold in a store. We may never fully be able to capture all the nuances and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments, but that’s not going to stop us from trying.

Aspirationally, Threads is a reinvention of the tourist t-shirt shop. We’ve taken the tried-and-true idea of travelers wanting to bring home a piece of their favorite place and injected it with creativity, original designs, and a lot of passion. The process can be tedious, laborious, and filled with a million tiny decisions and logistics — but when we get to see the final product come off the screen-printing press, we are grateful that we took the long road to create something that matters.

Out of respect for Mackinac Island we believe in quality, originality and putting in the hard work. We hope you see us as more than just another t-shirt shop, whether it’s your first time — straight-off-the-ferry — or you’re at the end of your tenth+ trip, we want to be a place for discovery and celebration. Stop in, say hello, and then go out there and make some memories!

📷 Katharine Rose Photography