What We’re Grateful For

Though Thanksgiving might still be a little ways away — who can even keep track anymore — we have a lot to be grateful for. As we prepare to close out this unexpected, whirlwind, amazing season at Threads of Mackinac we want to extend a major thank you to the dedicated, essential hospitality workers who have made our time here possible.

Without them there would be no Mackinac Island. We are grateful for the lodging staff, concierge and hosts who have invited guests into their hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. We are grateful for Mackinac Island’s restaurant industry and their gracious team of cooks, bartenders and waiters delivering above and beyond service during uncertain times. We are grateful for the ferry captains, pursers and crew for their commitment to bringing guests to and fro. There are so many people who work behind the scenes to make every minute of Mackinac Island magic possible and it is their dedication that has brought us to today.

Of course, we would be absolutely remiss to not mention the island guests and shoppers who have made Threads of Mackinac a pit stop during their journey around Mackinac Island this year. It has always been our goal to offer thoughtful designs and products that keep the memory of Mackinac Island alive for years to come. We hope we can be a part of those memories for you, because you are a big part of ours. Thank you.

Photo: Courtesy of Mission Point Resort

Photo: Courtesy of Mission Point Resort


Photo: Courtesy of Mission Point Resort. Please note: This photograph provided was taken in September 2019. 

The Witt Family, who help run Cottage Inn. Photo Credit: Katharine Rose Witt


One of the talented housekeepers of Cottage Inn, Kenesha. Photo Credit: Rose Witt

The helpful crew of Star Line Ferry. Photo Credit: Rose Witt