What to pack: Doud’s Market

There’s nothing like a sunny day on Mackinac Island, where every color pops a little brighter and a breeze keeps the air fresh and your spirits lifted. Pro-tip: if you can’t find a patio, or are seeking something a little more spontaneous, pack a picnic with a little help from Doud’s Market. Doud’s Market has been serving residents and visitors of Mackinac Island for over a century. It’s a family owned and has a wide variety of necessities and treats for every craving. Sure, you could easily wander the aisles, picking this and that, but we wanted to make things just a little bit easier on you. Here is Threads of Mackinac’s categorized list of what to pack from Doud’s Market for a lunch in the great outdoors. For the Gourmet Doud’s Market has a wide selection of fresh baked breads, fine cheeses, preserves, and jams — we’re particularly fond of the strawberry and rhubarb — are perfect additions to any picnic, and double as perfect gifts. We also can’t leave out the olive bar, and their selection of cured meats for an essential balance of sweet and salty.



For the Health Conscious Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to abandon the healthy eating habits you keep at home — well, at least not completely anyway. Doud’s Market makes it easy to whip a quick lunch that won’t weigh you down. Get creative at their salad bar where you can mix greens, vegetables, and proteins that are always fresh and packed with nutrients. For the Nosher Sometimes you just want a little bit of everything, and there’s plenty to choose from. Fresh produce, got it. Salsa, hummus, and dips, you bet — including white fish! Grab a couple small containers of Doud’s Market Deli’s Arizona corn salad or curried tofu salad — a couple of our favorites — they make the perfect on-the-go lunch. For the Sweet Tooth We can’t forget about the bevy of sweet treats available at Doud’s Market and their bakery. They’ve got pastries, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. No picnic would be complete without a little something sweet. If you’re ever in the area during the lilac festival, keep an eye out for their lilac sugar cookies. They’re almost too pretty to eat.