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Threads of Mackinac is one of Mackinac Island’s premier shops. Founded in 2019 by Micah Paldino, Threads of Mackinac’s mission is expressed through inspired design and elevated hospitality for island visitors who frequent one of America’s most stunning islands each year. Our design centric apparel was inspired by the sights, sounds, and mystical creatures who inhabit this very special place. We think the visitors of Mackinac Island should have the opportunity to take home a memory of their vibrant experience as a Wearable Postcard. Our island apparel was stitched with story for your enjoyment with cozy sweatshirts, long sleeve t’s, and hats in our unique designs.

General Purpose

To assist customers in finding and purchasing chosen merchandise in the shop. Our store clerks at Threads are inspiring leaders who strive to uphold the mission of Threads of Mackinac. Our individualized position within the market is inspired by the goal to provide positive retail experiences that are not only memorable, but that form deep connections with the guest to make their Mackinac Island memories more valuable.


We are seeking multiple part-time store clerks who will work to customers our uniquely designed product and encourage customers to chose items for purchase.

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  • End Date: Please Contact

Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform general opening and closing duties, including: Unlocking the door, changing closed signs to open, watering plants, turning on iPad and Shopify, and reverse actions when closing.
  • Welcome customers with a friendly greeting. Smile frequently and Chat with customers to find out their needs and wants including recommending selections and locating correct sizes.
  • Describe a product's features and benefits and answer customer queries regarding the store and the merchandise, including educating guests on care and maintenance of their Mackinac memories.
  • Describe shipping options and receive and process cash and charge/credit payments, provide change and receipts, and record special request for products that are out of stock.
  • Some fun things to note: Apply a 20% discount for Island Employees. Threads has free postcards to give out to customers at close of sale. 
  • It’s okay to eat in shop when no customers.

Key Skills and Competencies

Good verbal communication skills; Customer service proficiency; Patience; Adaptability; Persuasiveness; and, Energetic.


  • Up to $15 per hour;
  • 3% commission on all sales.
  • Please note that housing is not provided on Mackinac Island. We will supply complimentary ferry tickets.


Please contact owner Micah Paldino at 513.668.7676 or via email at


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