The Only Place for The Pace

As they say, “Some things never change.” Nowadays, it seems as though that phrase is becoming less and less true, although that might not be a bad thing. As a nation and as a global post-modern society, we are making great strides in terms of acceptance and opportunities for all. Of course, there is always room for improvement. One place that does seem to be consistent with the heart of this phrase is Mackinac Island. The fact that there are no cars allowed on the island may seem incomprehensible to many, but this characteristic is unique to the island’s social fabric 

Before there were smartphones, there were letters. Before there was social media, there was the art of beautiful conversation. Whether or not social media has halted that art is another story of its own. Most importantly, horses were the primary source of transportation in many cultures. Present during all of these times was Mackinac Island, where the horses are not only abundant, but are here to stay. Guests of the island and long-time residents alike are able to bask in a breeze that can only be achieved without the chaotic zooms of cars in the distance. It is an experience that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the United States.   

Mackinac Island Michigan Bike

When it is quiet enough to think, it is quiet enough to truly see the beauty of what lies ahead. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the unreasonable request that this modern society has placed on us to constantly be productive, we forget what we are actually working towards. What is hard work without an appreciation of the true beauty that lies on the other side? If you simply drive past it, you might never be able to see. Sure, there are other places to vacation, and whether or not there is comparable beauty in those places is a matter of personal opinion. What sets Mackinac Island apart from anywhere else in this country is the pace of life, where one can inhale thankfulness in remembrance of the moments that have gotten them to where they are, and all the ones they have yet to experience. It is the only place for the pace, and the only place where home and vacation become one.