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A Hidden Gem of Mackinac Island: The Iroquois Hotel

Iroquois Hotel, voted the #10 hotel in the Midwest, should not be overlooked in the midst of the grandiosity of the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel is one of a kind and certainly an establishment to be admired, but Hotel Iroquois deserves some of the spotlight as well. It has been named the “Best Small Hotel in the World” by Hotel Iroquois for three consecutive years by Conde Nast Traveler among many other accolades, and its many features run wild, including the incredible waterfront view that is truly unbeatable as a prime destination for aquaphiles 

From the inside out, the Iroquois Hotel is a small world of its own, in the best way possible. Can you picture yourself cuddling up with a book in a comfortable Threads sweatshirt? We wish we could right about now…  


Iroquois Hotel includes the award-winning Carriage House: a classic eatery and island getaway, cherished by hotel guests, Mackinac visitors, and residents alike. It is a true waterfront dining experience that overlooks the Straits of Mackinac and features an extensive wine list, full bar, and nightly entertainment at the piano bar. The space is immaculate: well-designed and clean. Even more notably, the flavors are balanced and rich with a sharp eye for quality ingredients. Expert tip: If you are looking for the perfect cocktail bar, Carriage House has the perfect sunken bar to make your evening complete. 

Yelpers have raved about the place as well, with one in particular named Ron Q. noting, “We had an excellent server, beautiful view sitting outside on the patio. The food was mouthwatering, elegantly presented and a joy to eat….It was a flavorful dinner, slowly enjoyed and savored with a glass of wine.”  

Other honorable mentions regarding the hotel include the fact that there are special events offerings that can orchestrate a truly picturesque gathering. Whatever the event may be, a wedding, family reunion, reception, or an extravagant birthday party, the Iroquois Hotel will come through with a beautiful view and service to match.

Located by Biddle Point and featuring a view as well as access to the Round Island Passage Light, Iroquois Hotel is an experience that appeals to the senses and broadens the horizons. For the bucket list of those who wish to indulge in the true beauty of Mackinac and breathe in all that the crisp Michigan air has to offer, the Iroquois Hotel is a must.  


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