Somewhere in Time at the Grand Hotel

The Somewhere in Time Weekend, occurring during the last weekend of October (25-27, 2019), pays homage to the classic film (Somewhere in Time) shot on Mackinac Island2019 will mark the 39th Anniversary of the film’s production and the 29th Anniversary of the Somewhere in Time Weekend at the iconic Grand Hotel. This is the perfect weekend for movie lovers who dare to explore the behind-the-scenes cinematic secrets of a timeless romantic classic.  

The film tells the story of a young writer, Richard Collier, who is approached by an elderly woman one evening with the four words, “Come back to me.” Mystified, he later comes to find out that she is the famous actress from the early 1900s, Elise McKenna. He gradually grows to become more obsessed with her, and somehow manages to travel back in time to meet her, where they fall in love.   

Jane Seymour, who played Elise McKenna in the film, even paid a return to the Grand Hotel for the 35th anniversary of the film and the 25th anniversary of the weekend. She immersed herself in the costuming and imaginative grandeur of the weekend, surprising guests with a replica of the dress she wore in the film.  

Lovers of movies and Mackinac can take advantage of this rare opportunity to escape to an alternate world, where the pace of life and atmosphere is of another era entirely. Just as the character does in the movie, guests are able to travel back in time to 1912, a period when the rich led leisurely and lavish lifestyles. Guests can fully be whisked away to the era on one of the many horse-drawn carriages on the island, which was the main mode of transportation for the upper class. 


The hotel does the film justice in its commemoration by offering a special package for the weekend. The Grand Hotel has much to offer with this exclusive deal, such as thoughtfully prepared food that gives guests a true fine dining experience and a full breakfast and dinner daily. All guests this weekend are treated as guests of honor, and they can lounge and mingle at the Friday evening reception in head-to-toe garb of the 1900sThe Grand Luncheon Buffet on Saturday, the Saturday evening reception ceremony, and special showings of the film are all other engagements  which visitors to the island and hotel can partake.