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Reflections: Brock Taylor

As we enter 2023, not only are we looking ahead to the Mackinac Island season to come we are also looking back at seasons past. We’ve reached out to some...

As we enter 2023, not only are we looking ahead to the Mackinac Island season to come we are also looking back at seasons past. We’ve reached out to some of the incredibly talented visual storytellers who were able to capture Mackinac Island through their own unique perspective. This is Mackinac Reflections, an opportunity to look back at the magical moments in time that will continue to spark joy and nostalgia for years to come.

We had the pleasure of meeting Brock Taylor on Mackinac Island last summer. He reached out and offered to arrange an impromptu photoshoot of our apparel on one of our favorite Mackinac experiences, the Sip N’ Sail Cruises. His path to photography started early when he was around eight years old and was carrying around an old broken camera taking pretend pictures of things he wanted remember. Flash forward to the era of smartphones with cameras, his love of photography was fueled as he jumped head first into making his passion a career. He started off slowly by practicing with a borrowed camera until he could afford a professional one. From there, he grew his collection and skillset to include drone work, film, and a rich collection of equipment to help him see his vision come to life. He’s had the pleasure to travel through Europe and the United States filming and photographing content. Now, his camera goes where he does, preserving the moments that mean the most to him.

Follow along with us as we explore Brock’s connection to Mackinac and recommendations for making the most out of your experience:

Where do you call home?

When I am not traveling, Cadillac, MI is my home.

How did you first get into photography?

As many Michigan kids do, I visited Mackinac Island on a school trip in elementary school and don’t remember much. The first time I truly experienced it was more recent: My girlfriend worked and lived on the island for a summer in college and visiting her completely changed my perspective of what Mackinac Island is. I was so jealous of the lifestyle so I visited as often as I could get off of work; I can’t tell you how many times I almost missed the last ferry home. We made some lifelong friendships and since then we’ve tried to spend as much of our summers on the island as possible. 

What was your first Mackinac Island experience?

My favorite memories include jumping in the lake on hot days, capturing unbeatable sunsets, and meeting friends at Watercolor Cafe for breakfast. What I remember most, though, is feeling as though I’ve stepped back into simpler times that inspire me to slow down and appreciate the small things. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and is encouraged to step out of their comfort zone!

What do you remember most from your time spent on the island?

What I enjoy most about photographing Mackinac is interacting with the incredible landscapes, businesses, and people of the Island. Rain or shine, there is so much beauty and character unique to this place and I love to communicate those feelings in my photos. My favorite thing about photographing Mackinac is capturing the true feeling of being there. Rain or shine, there is so much beauty and character on the island. 


What do you wish first time visitors would take away from the Mackinac experience?

I hope first time visitors will take home the simplicity of their Mackinac Island experience. Slow down and appreciate surroundings without rushing from one thing to the next- after all there are no vehicles to take you there! Take some time to sit in the park and listen to the sounds of the horses galloping by after a busy walk through town visiting the amazing local shops. Make your time here as stress free as possible, enjoy the unique environment, and take that intention back home with you.

What do you think is Mackinac Island’s best kept secret?

The view from Fort Holmes is absolutely amazing and a very underrated spot! Pro tip: grab some lunch to go and enjoy a picnic after the hike up there.

Follow along with Brock and his envious travels on his Instagram here:






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