Ode to the Grand Hotel

High on the hill she greets us, from Shepler’s Ferry her pristine, grand porch calls out like a beacon to say, “Welcome, take a break, you’re now on Mackinac Island time now.”

What would Mackinac Island be without our beloved Grand Hotel? Would the sunrises and sunsets still sparkle off the water? Would the horses be as majestic? There is something about the historic hotel that sets the tone for every trip to Mackinac Island, even if you never step foot on its breathtaking grounds.

Since 1887 she’s welcomed guests with open arms and has retained its commitment to old world hospitality and charm. Relaxing in one of the porch’s iconic white rocking chairs you’re reminded of what a special place Mackinac Island is, where you can escape from the stresses and expectations of the modern world and reconnect with what’s important.

A view of the Grand Hotel facing West

If you’ve ever taken a carriage up to The Woods for a spectacular and enchanted evening (complete with Duckpin Bowling), you’ve undoubtedly been memorized by the Grand Hotel’s stately presence at the beginning and end of your trip.

For sweet tooths and foodies there’s always a treat within reach at the Grand Hotel, but it’s her charm and hospitality that make it an experience. 

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough in your explorations around the Grand Hotel to discover the beauty of her secret garden. Tucked off the beaten path, the charming river of blooms changes every season.

Without the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island would still be a beautiful, enigmatic escape; but it would never be the same, and every year we count down the days until we can see her again.

Photo Credit: Alex B Koppelman