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Mackinac Island’s Big Sister

What if for your next date night you took adventure to the next level? Explore the wonder of Bois Blanc Island, all within eyesight of Mackinac Island. Bois Blanc’s amenities might be limited: a general store, two chapels, a post office, a tavern, an airport, and a one-room Pines School — but that’s what makes it so special. It’s undeveloped terrain just begs to be explored. 

Book a night in one of the Island Good Yurts along the south-east coast and spend the evening like a Bois Blanc pioneer — with a few 21st century bonuses: hot water, wifi, outdoor kitchen area — just steps from the beach. Unplug like never before, and let the sound of the water lull you to sleep. Bois Blanc is a hidden treasure of outdoor activities from biking to fishing and kayaking. It’s also the kind of place where you can relish in doing “nothing.” You’ll be amazed at what an empty itinerary can do for your head. Walk along 540 feet of shoreline or break-in your hiking boots in through 26 acres of meadows and wilderness. There are plenty of deer, small critters, and birds for watching, even wild Monarch butterflies. Reconnect without distractions, just open spaces, fresh air, and some much needed “we” time. To get to Bois Blanc you’ll want to catch a ferry from Cheboygan.

Great Lakes Airline also offers chartered flights. If you take the ferry it’s possible to bring your own car with you. Bonus Tip: The general store and pub have food, but it doesn’t hurt to pack a little something extra for yourself — resources are limited on the island. Also, don’t forget bug spray!


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