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Icon Dissected

Our Icon print can be found all over Threads of Mackinac. It’s our celebration of all things that make Mackinac so special to us. The horses that pass you by as you walk the street, the trees you see from a distance upon arrival, and the bicycle that makes you feel like a kid again.

Some of the references are easier to spot than others, here’s our guide to every detail:

The Horse: Even from a distance you can immediately see the horse’s profile: stoic and friendly, a familiar face on the island. Of course, ours has a few extra details that make it #puremack.

The Trees: Representing the horse’s mane, a symbol of beauty and pride, are a line of coniferous trees. Like the tall cedars, spruces, and balsam firs that can be found on the island’s perimeter, trees represent the natural wonder of this island and Mackinac State Park, a national treasure.

The Water: A soft, wavy line underneath the horse’s bust symbolizes the crystal blue waters that surrounds Mackinac Island. We love how Lake Huron makes us feel a million miles away — even if civilization is just a ferry ride away. The water calls us to relax, slow down and listen to our hearts. It’s part of the island life.

The Bike: Riding above the wave is our little bicyclist, an iconic symbol of Mackinac Island. We’re proud to be a part of a community that appreciates the journey over the destination. Riding around Mackinac Island is a feast for the eyes. You never know what you might stumble into, who you might meet, or what treasures you can put in your basket.

Mackinac Island: Last, but not least, our favorite detail: Mackinac Island itself. If you look closely at the horse’s neck, following from the tip of its chin to the start of its chest you might recognize a familiar shape. It’s the outline of Mackinac Island. It’s a subtle nod to the land that makes everything possible and the ground our store stands on.



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