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How to Craft the Perfect Lilac Festival Flower Crown

Much like the island of Mackinac, the significance of lilacs has greatly evolved over time. Purple lilacs are known as a symbol of first love, which is a common feeling with the inner spark that is often ignited upon guests’ first glance at Mackinac. To fall in love often means to find a piece of oneself that would otherwise be missing. Visiting the island feels like taking a trip back in timeIt is an oasis where one can feel privy to experiences they would otherwise only be able to live vicariously through their ancestry.  

The lilacs that everyone knows and loves are actually not native to the island, however. A bit of mystery lies in how the lilacs made their way to the island, but the likely story is that European immigrants brought the flowers and planted them near their farms as good luck charms. Horticulturists who visit Mackinac are taken aback by the size of the lilacs that grow there, as ones that size are seldom found anywhere else.  

To commemorate what is blooming, Mackinac Island holds their very own “Lilac Festival.” The next festival will take place on June 7th of 2019 and run through June 16th. Activities will include the Lilac Festival 10k, the Lilac Festival Queen Coronation, A Taste of Mackinac, a Dog & Pony Parade, and the Lilac Festival Grand Parade. It will be around this same time that, in the world outside of Mackinac Island where technology is all too prevalent, one will see flower crowns aplenty on display throughout their Instagram feeds. What better time than the Lilac Festival to join in on the fun all while putting a unique, historic twist on the typical flower crown?   

Five simple tools are necessary for building a Lilac flower crown: tape (floral tape in natural shades of brown and green makes it even more verdant), scissors, craft wire and regular wire comparable to pliable twine, and of course, the beautiful lilacs. 

Step 1: Shape the wire to one’s fancy.   

Do so by wrapping the wire around the wearer’s head to find the best fit. Leave about a half inch of leeway and cut off the excess wire. Secure the ends with floral tape.  

Lilac Festival Flower Crown

Photo Courtesy of Katie Hazel Photo

Step 2: After gathering some of those aromatic lilacs...wrap them around the base of the crown.  

Utilize the floral tape in applying the lilacs around the crown. This step is the most individual and can be tailored to the wearer’s personal flair.  

 Photo Courtesy of FTD by Design Flowers

Step 3: Place the lilac crown either on the wearer’s head...or in the fridge to keep it fresh for the next wear!  

 Photo Courtesy of FTD by Design Flowers

Much like the island, the steps are surprisingly simple. These Lilac Crowns can be worn both during and after the Lilac Festival, and will serve as a small reminder of a true first love: Mackinac Island.  


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