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Frequently Asked Questions on Mackinac Island

When does Mackinac Island close and open for the season? Although the island doesn’t officially shutdown, The Grand Hotel closes for the season at the end of October and most...

When does Mackinac Island close and open for the season?

Although the island doesn’t officially shutdown, The Grand Hotel closes for the season at the end of October and most shops follow suit. Doud’s Market is open year-round and the Christmas Bazaar in December is a great off-season attraction. About 500 people are year-round residents of Mackinac Island. Most shops begin to reopen in May.

Can I buy my ferry ticket ahead of time?

The ferry lines offer online deals, packages for families, and multi-day passes. There are 2 ferry lines – Starline and Sheplers.

How often does the ferry go to and from Mackinac Island?

Ferries depart from Mackinaw City every hour — up to 4 times an hour between 9 am and 11 am — beginning at 7:30 am until 9:30 pm. The ferries depart from Mackinac Island every hour, from 8 am until 10 pm. Exact times, and can vary by date and ferry line:

Shepler’s Ferry

Starline Ferry

How much is a ferry ticket?

The average price is $26 per person for a round-trip ticket.

Is there a grocery store?

Yes, Doud’s Market. They offer essentials like coffee, produce, and deli items as well as ready-to-eat meals to go. You can also find most toiletries, toothbrushes, and grooming products should something not have made it on the ferry.

What is the weather like?

During peak season, Summer, the weather is moderate with cool mornings and warmer afternoons. Average Temperate in Fahrenheit:  June - 64 degrees, July – 70 degrees, Aug — 71 degrees, Sep — 63 degrees.

What should I pack?

We recommend packing layers, you’ll most likely be out and about all day. Bring a swimsuit, you never know when water adventures will come calling. Don’t forget sunscreen, comfortable shoes or sandals for walking/exploring. While most restaurants on the island have a casual dress code, men should still bring a sports coat and tie for a dinner at The Grand Hotel after 6:30 pm. See attached dress guide:

Is there a doctor on the island?

In case of emergency you should absolutely call 911, there is an emergency clinic located on Market Street next to the Metivier Inn. For non-emergencies call 847-3582.

Can I bring my own bike, what if I don’t own a bike?

Bringing a bike on the ferry is a one-time charge of $10 (round trip). You can also rent a bike on the island starting at $5 per hour and $32 for a half day. Prices may vary from different rental facilities:

Island House Bike Rental: 906-847-3347

Mackinac Bike Barn: 906-847-8026

Mackinac Wheels: 906-847-8022 (Also offers bike repairs)

Mission Point Bike Rentals: 906-847-3312

Ryba’s Bicycle Rentals: 906-847-3208

Are there rules to where I can park my bike?

Yes. Don’t park where at a yellow curb, don’t block sidewalks, and don’t lock your bike at the horse hitching posts. They are still used to this day by dray drivers for their horses. 

Riding your bike on the island:

Stay to the right of the road or trail and remember horses and pedestrians have the right of way. Training wheels are not allowed on Main Street, Market Street, or Cadotte Avenue, however most rental places provide trailers for your little ones to ride in style.


Walk on the sidewalk for your own safety and the safety of others. Granted there aren’t cars, but Main Street can still get busy with bikes and horses. Please look before stopping in the street, turning or crossing the streets at all times.


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