5 Photographs by Jimmy Taylor that are #PureMackinac

You’ve probably seen his photos on Instagram. He even did the 2019 Mackinac Island Lilac Festival Poster. It’s Jimmy Taylor, Michigan-based artist and photographer. Photography has been a passion project of Taylor since his 20s. He was first inspired by his uncle, and classic photography. You can tell most of his shots are done either during sunrise or sunset, and therefore have a dramatic, expressive quality to them. It’s a gift to get to see Mackinac Island through different perspectives, and Taylor always brings something new and unique to the table. Whether it’s capturing Main Street at the dead of night, or capturing landscapes from a different angle, Taylor’s work always stands out in the crowd.


Taylor Captures bustling Main Street just as the street lights begin their nightly glow.

Technicolor tulips outside the Grand Hotel during this year’s Lilac Festival.

How can you not be enchanted by this late night shot of the Iroquois Hotel?

Grand Hotel’s secret garden, a majestic escape unlike anywhere else on the world.

The Straits of Mackinac Sunrise, calm waters and dreamy colors. It’s the start to another #puremackinac day. You can also purchase Jimmy Taylor’s photography as prints at JimmyTaylor.Smugmug.com