4 Ways to Go Green on Mackinac

One of the many beauties of Mackinac Island is the fact that it is a self-sustaining, environmentally friendly Island. With no cars, Mackinac doesn’t release carbon emissions into the air. Many on the Island ride bikes, walk, or travel by horse drawn carriage, and in this day and age Mackinac is something of a dream for the environment. Even the horse’s “emissions” are reused for fertilizer and decomposition on the island. So in a time where pollution effects the “real world,” we have some tips of keeping our island oasis clean and green.

Bring a water bottle

Go to Mackinac once and you’ll realize bikes are no joke on the island. It’s the quickest way to get from point a to point b in short distances. But if you haven’t hopped on a bike in a while or you have that vacation diet going, biking can be difficult. Walking is also a large part of Mackinac travel, whether you’re seeing the sites or just walking up Main Street, you will get thirsty at some point. So bring a water bottle, hydration is important and there’s no need to buy a bunch of plastic water bottles. 


Bring a bag

As mentioned before, there is a lot of walking and traveling on Mackinac. There’s a lot to see and do, and part of that is Mackinac’s shopping. One store you’ll be getting your fudge and ice cream fill on and then the next you’re at Threads buying that shirt or sweater you need. Bring a bag to keep all those Mackinac memories in, there’s no need to use plastic bags. Your stay may only last a week but the plastic bags stay is 500 years on the Island.

Bring a reusable straw for drinks

Whether you’re going out for drinks on the town, getting your morning iced coffee or indulging in a milkshake from Mackinac’s many ice cream shops, you can cut back on the use of plastic straws on the island by coming prepared with a reusable straw. Easy to clean and easy to carry if you bring a bag (as seen above). 

Take care of the island and the island will take care of you

Mackinac is this amazing place that almost feels lost in time. Where else can you say that your main source of transportation is not by car but by horse? Where else can you get the fresh air that Mackinac has? Mackinac can clear the mind and take you out of the chaos of the world but there’s a give in take. If we take care of the island we can all continue to enjoy the beautiful blue water that surrounds the island and continue to have that fresh air. It may not always be convenient but follow these steps and you’ll be making a difference on our island.