4 Places to ‘Wine’ Down on Mackinac Island

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind with a glass or if you’re looking to ‘pop bottles’ of wine this summer on Mackinac Island there are plenty of options for you to indulge. Here are some the island’s best hideaways, cellars, and lookouts to enjoy that glass of red, white, or rosé.


Goodfellows’s Wine Cellar (Lakeview Hotel)

Directly across the street from where you get off the at the ferry boats is the Lakeview Hotel. Below the hotel, Goodfellow’s Wine Cellar should be one of your first stops off the ferry. The cellar’s menu includes wine tastings, wine flights, along with the option of pairings from their dinner menu or flatbread pizza’s for lunch. For the cigar fan, you can also choose from their wide selection of stogies the cellar has to offer. What better way to begin your stay on Mackinac Island?

The Jockey Club at The Grand Stand

Just off the first tee of The Jewel golf course at the Grand Hotel, the Jockey Club offers a fine wine selection that’s on “par” with of the best wine bars on the island. The Jockey Club truly embraces one of the things that makes Mackinac so special, the horses. In the name and, seen throughout the club horses are once again the pride of this Mackinac establishment. Grab a glass of wine after a round of 18 or just stop in to enjoy a meal and the Jockey Club’s Grand Pecan Ball dessert.

The Inn at Stonecliffe

High, a top the west bluff of Mackinac stands the beautiful Inn at Stonecliffe. Over a century old, the Inn at Stonecliffe is one of Mackinac’s most picturesque locations as well the perfect place to order a bottle of wine and enjoy the views from up top. Head to the Cudahy Room and enjoy a glass of wine or sit out on the patio while taking in the history of the Inn and majesty of Mackinac.

Doud’s Market

Doud’s is well known to anyone on Mackinac, however we should clarify it isn’t exactly a place to drink. But it is one of the best places on the Island to grab a bottle of wine from their wide selection and take it to your favorite Island hideaway. With a deli as well, Doud’s is the best place to do your shopping for a wine and cheese night with friends and loved ones. Plan a picnic or sit waterside and have a romantic night on Mackinac.