3 Essential Health Benefits of Lilac in your Daily Diet

Mackinac Island’s Lilac Festival is one of the island’s most important festivals, which spans ten days, starting on June 7th and running through the 16th. There is no need to wait for the celebrations to start infusing these botanicals into your diet. Everyone knows that lilacs are a beautiful purple flower with a glorious aura that can lighten up any room, but not many know that there are actually some powerful health benefits to this classic Mackinac emblem. 

1. Aromatherapy   

Essential oils are widely believed to be the best natural medicine that is availableA common use for these oils is to help diffuse stress. By using an oil diffuser and few droplets of Lilac oil, many anxieties can be put at ease. 


2. Astringency  

Lilac also does wonders for skin of all textures. You can mix fresh lilac blooms with witch hazel to create the perfect concoction for smoothing out any impurities in your skin. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 days and apply with a cotton ball on troubled areas for tighter and cleaner skin. 


3. Food & Beverage  

Lilac and honey are quite the pairing, and it is a recipe so simple that it can be made at home. All that is needed is a bottle of honey and a few lilac stems. Let the two sit, infuse for approximately four weeks in a cool and dry place, and serve. 

For a simpler route, placing a few lilac blooms and a couple mint sprigs in a reusable ice tray can add some additional flavor peaks to your iced tea or lemonade on a hot day. Let these cubes sit in their trays for 12 hours will put them in prime condition to enjoy with a chilled beverage. Or, go all our with this recipe for Lilac infused scones.

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