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20 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Season on Mackinac Island

There’s a pivotal moment when the spring season starts to bring forth its bountiful gifts that I start to get excited for my upcoming time on Mackinac and the opening...

There’s a pivotal moment when the spring season starts to bring forth its bountiful gifts that I start to get excited for my upcoming time on Mackinac and the opening of the shop. I often like to let my mind wander and dream about how I’ll spend my days off, exploring the trails inside Mackinac State Park or grabbing a mid-afternoon beer at one of my favorite haunts.

Daydream with me as I explore my upcoming wish list for the 2022 season on beautiful Mackinac Island.

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

1. I always look forward to starting my time on Mackinac exploring my favorite trails. As I ascend Ft. Hill and across to the East Bluff, there lies Manitou Trail which I explore through to Tranquil Bluff Trail for some stunning views.

2. For anyone who knows me well, coffee is an essential part of my day. I love saying hello to the good folk at Lucky Bean and grabbing an iced Americano.

3. Part of the beauty of working and living on the island is the tight-knit community that we’ve cultivated through time. Janet and Craig who own My Front Porch and Flagship have become great friends (and support system). I love catching up with them when they have a second to chat.

4. On the weekends, I enjoy spending time at the Carriage House Restaurant located inside the Hotel Iroquois. Not only is the property one of the most stunning and well-kept properties on the island, but the staff’s hospitality and friendly banter makes an evening a truly memorable one.

5. What would Mackinac Island be without its gardens? The level of meticulous detail that island businesses take to maintain a short season of prime growing season lights me up with joy. The gardens of Mission Point, Cottage Inn, and the Metivier Inn are some of my favorites.

6. Weekend imbibing at the Pink Pony’s lower bar where a casual but scenic overlook delivers Pure Michigan vibes has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, the only problem: it’s one of the most popular spots on the island.

7. I’ve made it a habit to elevate the level of self-care while on the island. I’m often on my feet or staring at a computer for long periods of time, so, massages at Lakeside Spa and Salon at the Mission Point Resort are a welcome reprieve.

8. It wouldn’t be a Mackinac Island day without running into someone in the Witt family. You’ve probably followed along with Katharine Witt (Katharine Rose Photography) and her stunning photos on our Instagram, where she chronicles her Mackinac Island life in the winter, or her mother (Rose) who helps run the front desk and the social media at The Bicycle Inn; they are always fun to catch up with on Main St. during a busy day on the island.

9. You know it’s midday on the island when the daily siren blares in all of their glory. Don’t fret, this siren is just that – a daily test to monitor its performance.

10. You can’t be on the island and not experience a treat every-once-in-a-while. I love a good ice cream cone and luckily Joanne’s Fudge is in walking distance from home, so mint chocolate chip get ready!

11. Our family has cherished the Grand Hotel’s restaurant the Woods Restaurant for decades. The entire experience from getting there to sitting in the stunning dining room and chatting away with the staff are quintessentially Mackinac. And the fun little bowling alley is pretty neat, too.

12. I’ve always been a lover of gardens but during Covid quarantine I really came to appreciate the outdoors. Whenever the weather allows, I hoof it over to the Secret Garden at the Grand Hotel and soak it all in…, and there’s so much beauty to process.

13. Taking a Sip n’ Sail Sunset Cruise is a one-of-a-kind date night experience that savors the beauty of the Straits of Mackinac and is so romantic.

14. Savoring the weather of a beautiful Mackinac day on the lawn of Marquette Park is an epic moment. I often say that on Marquette Park you get all of Mackinac in one panoramic view: the horses galloping by, families riding their bicycles, and taking in that laid-back energy that island life is all about. I love enjoying a picnic here with an Impossible Burger from Horn’s Bar (one of my favorite haunts on the island).

15. Smelling all of the budding lilac trees that dot the island. It’s hard to believe Mackinac Island’s lilacs represent the oldest collection of lilacs in the United States or Canada.

16. Hopping on my bike for a quick ride around the island for a 8.2 mile journey of stunning lake side views.

17. Grabbing a glass of champagne at the Cupola Bar at the Grand Hotel where nightly entertainment and stunning views offer a night to remember.

18. Listening to the horses first thing in the morning: that’s my usual wake-up call at 7:20 AM sharp.

19. There’s something about just taking it easy and living the beautiful life. Taking a deep breath and being grateful for what we have. Sometimes, we just have to remember to breathe.

20. Meeting all of you: Since we opened our store, Threads of Mackinac on the island in 2019 we have been endlessly inspired by the many rich stories that Mack Island has to tell. We love being a part of your experience on Mackinac and so look forward to seeing you this season.

 - Micah, Founder & Creative Director at Threads of Mackinac



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