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20 Questions with Bailey Janette

Bailey Janette, a Mackinac Island local, is always excited to rep her favorite Great Lakes destination. You can spot her sharing her day to day life and the nuances of living on Mackinac Island on her Youtube Channel and TikTok. Since moving to the island full-time she has become passionate about getting involved, including participating in the spring musicals with the community theater and serving as a crew member on the Mackinac Marine Rescue. She shares her living space with her boyfriend, Lucas, and their two cats, Beans and Charlie. She is honestly grateful for the stars aligning and putting her here, she can’t possibly see herself leaving anytime soon.

Bailey Janetted

Bailey being fierce in our Signature Timeless Sweatshirt

Favorite island smell:I love the smell of a cold, damp day when the leaves are falling. Mackinac Island has very crisp air.

Favorite island treat: Hummer up the Hill from the Carriage House! A boozy ice cream drink made popular at Bay View Yacht Club in Detroit. 

Go-to Coffee Order: An iced coconut milk mocha.

Something every island-visitor must see: Let me paint you a picture. Imagine you're aboard the Isle Royale Queen III with a cocktail in hand for a sunset “Sip n Sail.” The sun is setting just as you cross the underbelly of the Mackinac Bridge. Wixie Harrington is playing Fleetwood Mac, and your friends are dancing like damn fools with cheeky smiles. THAT is a view every visitor must experience.

Something island-visitors can skip: Skull cave...If you've been, you know. 

The first thing you look at when you wake up: My cat, Bean, waking me for treats at 5 am. I’m serious.

Last thing you look at before you go to bed: My phone because I am...addicted.

Best view on Mackinac Island: The top of Fort Hill when at sunset after a fresh layer of snow.

Your favorite season on the island: Winter, winter, winter, winter — 1,000x winter. My followers know I loathe the heat and being sweaty, and I think there is something about the isolation of winter that I find oddly comforting.

Your favorite time-of-day on the island: Very early morning, before the sun comes up.

What is your earliest Mackinac Island memory?: Getting off the Shepler's dock my first season, I was too intimidated to ride my bike down the street. I walked it on the SIDEWALK. Like, no one does that here. Ever. Please don't do that.

What would be the first song you put on a Mackinac Island playlist?: The Middle by Zedd. It’s an inside joke with my coworkers. It became our anthem. We would blast that song at the end of a long day, so it holds a lot of sentiment.

Do you have a secret island spot?: Yes. But, if I tell you it won't be a secret!

If you could create your own flavor of fudge, what would it taste like?: I've thought about this a million times, easy — Raspberry cheesecake. (I don’t know how they would figure out the crust, but I’m sure it’s possible.)

Bailey modeling our Signature Timeless Sweatshirt and Sherpa Hat

If you couldn’t spend the summer on Mackinac Island, where would you go?: Finland, the land of my people. 

Book or E-Book: Book. I like to physically feel my progress — it’s very satisfying. I'm currently reading a book called "The Left Behind: Decline and Rage of Small-Town America,” a very interesting read studying the sociology of small towns in America and their political affiliations.

Dog-person or cat-person: In all forms except physical, I am actually an 85 year old cat lady trapped in a 23- year-old body. Cats.

Sweet or Savory: Savory .

Plane or Ferry: If cost weren't a factor, ferry in the summer and plane in the winter! They use the old, slow boat in the winter that takes forever to get across, and the plane is 3 minutes. 

Horse or Bike: Bike (by default). If my horse, Breeze, lived on the island I would totally be team horse, but unfortunately she is not here. I'm currently looking into getting her here for the 2021 season, so my answer might be different next year. Stay tuned!

Bailey Janette

Bailey smizing at us with her Mackinac Mood. Wearing our Sherpa and Royal Blue Patch Hat, all featuring our signature design.


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